Sunday, January 31, 2010

... and another Fish for Elvia

I will be sad to see this one go...

Elvia's Fish Moley - 2 of 4

Here are two of my entries for Elvia's Moley... I know there are 2 more to do, but I just thought it would be to see some more entries in this blog ;)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

So, now what?

Has Allyson posted anything recently... who has her book, and does she still have Staceys? I have lost track... So far we know that Elvia, Jennifer, Scoach, Debbie and myself are the only ones with books actually in transit according to the posts? Jennifer and Scoach's have gone a.w.o.l with Debbie... this is not looking too promising. I am keen to continue as I have already started working in Elvia's book (just have one more to do). What should we do here folks. I supposed for the sake of the exchange we need to ASSUME that Debbie is no longer with us, and the books are gone. I am keen to help postage to get them back, but if she hasn't sent then yet, with all the nagging then I am not keeping my hopes to high. Hopefully Allyson will touch base too, otherwise I think we should just start fresh, but only with the people that are actively participating. Perhaps put a call out in the flickr group to recruit replacements. What do you think?

I put a who has who's book in the sidebar so please update it when you get/send a book... preferably with a date to so we know how long they have been sitting around or whether they are in transit!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What is happening gang?

Hey all... Happy New Year!

Let's start off the year by finding out what the heck is going on here. Where are all the books? Are they even moving? I have not received one and it seems a few of them are still living with Debbie, who hasn't communicated in months. We only seem to get word of what she is doing, but no actual confirmation. I am not really usually one to nag, but it seems like this group is having some serious issues getting off the ground. I love the entries we've seen so far, but aside from Jennifer and Scoach's second entries, there hasn't been any (I haven't even received any books yet), only the first ones. This group started in August... 5 months ago. Is everyone even still interested? I am keen to keep going, but not if books are going a.w.o.l. on people... that just isn't cool.

What's up? Who has what? What is their status (ie. done, sent and when, not even started, at the bottom of the junk pile)?

Claire - Elvia's (as of Jan 15) YAY!
Stacey - Claire's
Allyson -
Elvia - none, really interested in continuing with other moleskines.
Scoach - none
Jennifer - none,
Debbie - Her's, Jennifer's, and Scoach's?

Thanks all of you who are communicating regularly... again, I really am not a naggy person but I am just really busy (as I am sure you all are too) and really don't want to put the effort in and continue if people aren't communicating or participating in this as I would rather put my effort in the other exchanges that seem to be more active.

Cheers. :)