Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Theme - 1pm: 33 since 8am - The Illustrated Guide to Extinction"

Passenger Pigeon
Had to do one more before I send it out later this week.

I finally landed on a theme. I was recently at the Field Natural History Museum in Chicago. I saw a display there that was counting something, it moved from 30 to 33 while I was standing there. then I read that it was recording all the animals that had become extinct since 8am that morning. It was only 1pm! I thought this was a staggering number. I'm not normally the type of person that tries to send a message with my art, I'm just a girl who likes to draw. But I haven't been able to get the number 33 out of my head. I don't want this book to become a downer for everyone, it's just an interest of mine at the moment. Morbid right?

Please, have fun! I only have one request, please add a bit of information to your entry. Date of extinction, habitat, any little tidbit of info you find interesting. Oh, and yes, dinosaurs are fair game.

My first two entries are of the Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger. I may do another page before I send it off. We'll see.


Scoach said...

Beautiful paintings of the Tassie Tigers. I love the work. I have a PhD in environmental science, and these extinction numbers are guesses, and scary as they are, scientists do not even know which of these species are going extinct. Most of the estimates are of animals that they think go extinct, but that science has also not discovered. It's a bit weird.

Stacey D. - fromapackedhouse said...

Great theme! Your artwork is amazing as always. Can't wait to see it in person.

avifauna said...

i love your idea! it is sad topic, but it cant be ignored.i iwll have to take a trip to the harvard natural history museum, they have a section for extinct animals :(