Thursday, January 28, 2010

So, now what?

Has Allyson posted anything recently... who has her book, and does she still have Staceys? I have lost track... So far we know that Elvia, Jennifer, Scoach, Debbie and myself are the only ones with books actually in transit according to the posts? Jennifer and Scoach's have gone a.w.o.l with Debbie... this is not looking too promising. I am keen to continue as I have already started working in Elvia's book (just have one more to do). What should we do here folks. I supposed for the sake of the exchange we need to ASSUME that Debbie is no longer with us, and the books are gone. I am keen to help postage to get them back, but if she hasn't sent then yet, with all the nagging then I am not keeping my hopes to high. Hopefully Allyson will touch base too, otherwise I think we should just start fresh, but only with the people that are actively participating. Perhaps put a call out in the flickr group to recruit replacements. What do you think?

I put a who has who's book in the sidebar so please update it when you get/send a book... preferably with a date to so we know how long they have been sitting around or whether they are in transit!



Stacey D said...

Jenn and I have started discussing this also...I am with you in thinking that we should just consider Debbie to be gone as well as the missing molys. I have also been concerned with Allyson's and Elvia's silence. My thought is that we should send out an email and flickrmail to everyone in the group to see who wants to continue. I think we should set a deadline and if no response has been received by that date then those who want to continue and have responded can do so.

From the posts on the blog - it would appear that you, Jenn, Scoach and I are the only ones who have been active on the blog. I think we should see if the others want to continue on and if we get no response - I think that the 4 of us can continue on our own. I don't think that we really need to add any more group members unless there is someone who one of us refers.

That is just my opinion.

Claire - I do still have your book. I apologize that I have had it for so long. It is ready to be mailed, but I held onto it because I didn't want to mail it to someone who was MIA or hasn't been heard from for a while. I will hang onto it for now until we figure out what we are doing.

jennifer kraska said...

:( really sad about my book :(

avifauna said...

hello all
i'm sorry for not responding to your posts. i haven't been checking the blog as of late. the last i heard from elvia was that she did not receive my book i sent her awhile back. i don't have the time or energy to make another one so ill take myself out of the exchange. i do have stacey's book and i'll be mailing it back to her on monday. i don't feel comfortable paying extra to mail it to mexico and possibly have that one get lost as well. i apologize for making things complicated by not letting you know sooner and i am sorry to not be continuing :(

elvia montemayor said...

I am so sorry it did not get to me, I wish things would have gone differently so you could continue with us in this exchange. Can I do soemthing about it?