Friday, December 31, 2010


Hi All,
My book is back safe and sound (thanks Claire) with no new entries :(

Has this group died? Anyone still interested?

Safe and Happy New Year!



Stacey D said...

I'm still here - just been waiting for something to happen. As far as I know Scoach has my book. If no one else wants to stay in - I would be more than happy to do a one on one moly with you.

Scoach said...

Hi Everyone.

I finished Claires' book and mailed it back to her about a month ago, and I mailed Stacey's back last week with 3 entries.

Stacey D said...

I received my book with Scoach's great entries. I will try to scan them in when I can. Jenn - if you want to continue the group I can send my book on to you. Just let me know.

Scoach said...

That's great Stacey. I'm glad you got it back. Hopefully, Jenn and you can exchange books - she does great work.