Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hellllooooooo...............Anybody out there?..........

This is pretty disappointing, I was really excited about this exchange. What happened people?! I don't think I even saw one entry in my book.
I still really love this idea, I hope to get my book soon, Claire said she would mail it back a few weeks ago.
Who's still in? Even if it is a small group?
Hey Scoach - did you ever get your book back?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn,
I mailed your book to you weeks ago... no sign of it yet?? Scoach should easily have his by now as I sent them the same time.
This is the main reason I left my groups... all of them have books missing and a major lack of communication so I figured it was time to just let them go.
Hope yours turns up soon!!

Scoach said...

Yes, my book is back with your (Jenn's) fabulous paintings in it + Claire did a pencil drawing in mine but didn't complete the watercolor. I might just paint it in myself in a sort of collarborative art project.

Scoach said...

Hi Jenn. I would love to add to your book, just let me know if you need my address and I will send it through Flickr.