Monday, June 29, 2009

INTRO - Debbstar!!!!!

Hi ya folks!

okee so here goes!
  • I'm a Pisces
  • I just recently moved and am still locating my art stuff, LOL
  • I think Martha Stewart is one lucky crafty goddess
  • My fave color as of late is bright sunshiny yellow.
  • Still need to get a watercolor Moly
  • I LOVE the new Sharpie pens on a Moly. They don't bleed!
  • I dunno what theme I'd like to apply to my Moly...gruesome self portrait-totem pole-under water? lol hummm, i think i like that idea actually. Or maybe illustrated versions of your favorite drawing space? what if we were zombies?
ok, well, that's me for now. Guess all that is left is determining the mailing order so it isn't too expensive and then do a send off prolly at the end of July? how's that sound?



Scoach said...

You're right, the new sharpie pens are terrific for Moly work. Glad to meet you.

claire said...

Hello hellooooo...