Sunday, October 4, 2009

Debbie Update

Hi Team MolyX14,

I just received an update on Debbie from her cousin in California. Unfortunately she was in an accident a while back and was hospitalized. I do not have any details, but her cousin tells me that she will be back home in Washington this week. Both send their apologies.



elvia montemayor said...

Oh, I hope she is ok.

debbie said...

Hello beautiful patient ppl of Moly X 14! GOD! I think I forgot what the outside world was like. Yea, got into an wasn't very pretty...needless to say a lot has gone on in the past month. I'm freaking GLAD i'm here!!! thank u jebus. however there were a few tragedies that coincided with my accident...busted camera, exploding birthday cake all over car interiors, ruined party dress *sighs*, a partially ruined moly, and an accidentally used moly. :( So while i was with the doc gettin xrays for my arm, my friends kid decides to DRAW IN MY MOLY 14 moly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! holy crap! if i wasn't in pain b4, i certainly was then. anywho, long story short, i was hopped up on painkillers (thank you cute doctor) and unable to correctly illustrate what i wanted to into another moly my friend got me to replace the one her kid ruined. so i told her how i wanted it and she helped to the best of her abilities. i freakin love her. so i guess u can say my first entry was a collaboration.

even better, it packed and ready for the post man :)

thx for waiting. humble apologies.

p.s. jenn, ur moly is SO amazing!

claire said...

Hi Debbie,
Whoa, that sounds epic! Glad to hear you are okay!!!

jennifer kraska said...

Great to hear from you Debbie! Welcome Back!