Saturday, October 17, 2009

Scoach's Travel Journal

This is my final entry. Sorry for taking up so much of your book. Hope you like it, took me long enough. Will mail this out to Debbie tomorrow.
This is my second entry into Scott's travel journal. I take loads of pictures when I travel.

Man it's been too long since I've posted. Thanks for being so patient Scoach. This is the first of three spreads that I will be doing for your journal. The other two are not ready for prime time just yet. I'll post them soon.


Scoach said...

Wow Jennifer, the first spread looks amazing. I'll keep you busy as I just finished my 3rd fish painting for Elvia's Moly and will get that out this weekend to you. Thanks a million.

Scoach said...

I absolutely love your work. It's amazing and inspirational. Also, please don't feel at all bad about taking up so many pages because that is what they are there for - painting on them!! Best wishes.