Friday, May 28, 2010

Is anyone still out there??

It has been a while since there have been any updates on our exchange. Is there anyone still out there who is participating in the group? I haven't had a book since I mailed off Elvia's in March. I know that Jenn had dropped out of the group but wanted to see if anyone else was still interested in participating? Please leave a comment and let me know what's going on.

P.S. If I haven't heard from anyone in a few days I will just send an email. I would like to find out where our group stands and where the molys are. =O)


Anonymous said...

Hi all... still here, and I do still have Jennifer and Scoach's moleys. I have just been too busy to tackle them... still trying though! Did Jennifer leave the group? Does she just want her book back? I have started on Scoach's... just haven't had the time to finish it off quite yet.

Stacey D said...

Hi Claire! No problem. As long as you are trying. I just hadn't heard from anyone in a while and thought I would check in. Yes, Jenn and Scoach discussed in the last post comments that she was too busy right now and would just be mailing him his moly back. I am not sure if she was wanting her book sent right back to her or if she was wanting it to make the rounds atleast once. Her email is in the comments as well. You could probably email and ask her.

elvia montemayor said...

I am still definitely on.
I still have the moleskines, I am going to send them as soon as possible. It has been complicated because my grandmother and then my father passed away and it has been chaos with my family. Sorry. I am done with one and the other one is almost done. Who will I'll be sending them to?

Scoach said...

I am in and have communicated my address to Elvia to send on the Molys. My 2nd book - the redo - was shipped back from Jennifer, and I would like Claire to finish mine and send it on to Stacey. I'll be on a soccer/missions trip to South Africa for the next 2 weeks, but I would love to have a Moly or 2 waiting for me when I get back. Thanks ladies.

jennifer kraska said...

Hi Guys - I'm still in!
I sent Scoach's 2nd book back to him because at the time I was up to my eyeballs with stuff to do, didn't want to hold the group up.
Please continue with my book.
Looking forward to getting a new book.

Stacey D said...

Yeah!! Good to see that everyone is still in!!

Elvia - I am so sorry to hear about your grandmother and father passing. my thoughts are with you and your family.

elvia montemayor said...

Thank you so much stacey.
I will be posting the photos soon.