Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Exchange Ideas

After reading some of the feedback, how does this sound?

1. Order of exchange: Deb to Claire to Stacey to Allyson to Elvia to Scoach to Deb.
2. We will use the watercolor notebooks. At least 3 of us will use the larger size of 5x8, but whatever you like is fine.
3. We can paint 3-4 pages like in the other exchanges. Do you want to use the back of the paper?
4. Sign your work.
5. Do you want a theme for each notebook, a theme for the entire group, or just whatever inspires us at the time? I like themes for each notebook, but that's just me.
6. We can use July to paint in our own notebook and then send out our first watercolors to the next person on August 1. If we can stick to it, we would have our notebooks back to see in early January.

Sounds like fun.


claire said...

sounds good... although to avoid potential delays in shipping due to customs, you may want to keep all the USA together so that the books don't have to jump in and out of the country...

avifauna said...

sounds good to me! i think using the back of the page is a good idea a theme for each book would be cool too!

Stacey D. - fromapackedhouse said...

I am good with or without themes. In my other exchange moly_x_70 we just let each individual person decide whether they wanted to do a theme or no theme. I have been trying to think of a theme this time around - as I don't have one for my other exchange.