Sunday, July 12, 2009

Theme for my notebook

Hello Everyone. I have my 5x8 watercolor book in hand, and I would like to have this theme and see your great input: How to keep a travel journal. I am open to ideas about what you do artistically, what you travel with, how you make the time to journal on your trips, and how you combine watercolor with other media like ink, gesso, or whatever your favorite media happens to be. Use as many pages as you like since I love to learn from the people in these groups.

I'll get my book ready and in the mail around August 1.


Stacey D. - fromapackedhouse said...

I'll do my best. I don't travel. The only places I go are around town where I live - running errands. This past Saturday was the first time I was able to open a sketchbook while out somewhere. With a rambunctious 4yr old boy - I don't get many chances to sit and observe when we are out.

Scoach said...

That's OK Stacey. How about if you add some notes on how to make a watercolor notebook but skip the travel part? I'm sure whatever you decide to contribute, it will be great.

claire said...

You could get creative about the travel thing too... technically you travel somewhere every time you get into your car or walk out the door. Who says traveling has to be a long journey?

Travel:v., -eled or -elled, -el·ing or -el·ling, -els or -els.
To go from one place to another, as on a trip; journey.
To go from place to place as a salesperson or agent.
To be transmitted, as light or sound; move or pass.
To advance or proceed.
To go about in the company of a particular group; associate: travels in wealthy circles.
To move along a course, as in a groove.
To admit of being transported without loss of quality; Some wines travel poorly.
Informal. To move swiftly.
Basketball. To walk or run illegally while holding the ball.

he he he ;)

jennifer kraska said...

I think this is a great idea.
I agree with Claire, you don't have ti travel a great distance to go on a fantastic journey.

debbie said...

Sounds like a great theme! kinda like a whats-in-my-bag entry except for our group...and with watercolors! :) I personally haven't dabbled with gesso much so seeing how others get theirs going is gonna be an enlightening and educating treat!

Stacey D. - fromapackedhouse said...

I guess now that you put it that way...I do take my sketchbook with me to work everyday. I do have to make an effort to think about what items to put in my bag just in case I get a moment at work to whip it out.