Wednesday, July 15, 2009

moly music theme

hey everyone!
i love all of the ideas for the book themes so far! i was just about to type about how i am having trouble coming up with a theme. usually i listen to music and draw whatever comes into my head. alas, that is my theme! for my book i'd like everyone to take the time to sit and listen to your favorite album and draw what the music inspires you to see. this can obviously be done with more than one sitting and listening to more than one album is okay too. please write down the artist, artists and/or albums that inspired your drawings. let me know what you think!
so we're using three pages front and back am i correct?
also elvia i will be sending my book to you, can you recommend a quick way to mail to mexico and send me your address please!
hope everyone is having a great day,


claire said...

great idea... love it!

jennifer kraska said...

i think this is a great idea!

Scoach said...

excellent. I'll give it a try.