Monday, July 13, 2009

My Theme

I was thinking to draw and experiment with watercolors with my theme: fishes, any kinds of them one or many. Many of them have very different colors and some live in salty water, rivers, oceans, ponds etc. Some of them are ugly, or some we don't even know they exist. Or maybe you can draw your favorite fish.
What do you think?


claire said...

i love anything to do with the ocean... sounds good to me! I still can't nail down a theme as of yet... got my moley though (just unwrapped it)!!

elvia montemayor said...

That is great!!!
I am glad you like the theme!!!

elvia montemayor said...

to complete the watercolor moleskine everyone should do 5 pages right? Isn't this too much?
Are we doing front and back of each page or not?

Stacey D. - fromapackedhouse said...

I like the they have to be real fish? Could they be imaginary?

In one of the original posts someone said that each person would do 3 pages...with the way that the watercolor book is set up, I was thinking just a 2 page spread, but 3 is okay - 5 seems like A LOT.

Scoach said...

I like the fish idea.

How many pages to do. These books are not usually completely full when they get back to the original person. If there is still space, some groups do a 2nd round and send the books out on another journey. When it gets back to the original artist, the artist decides if the book will go around again or not.

elvia montemayor said...

Sure experimenting qith fish wil be cool!
So everyone draws and paints 3 pages.
front and back?
I would prefer just front.